Referral Partners

 A2Z EduLearningHub is now opened to form a pool of Referral Partners to work with the organisation. Referral Partners are the responsible persons for identifying the really interested aspirants and forwarding the names for various academic programmes – online or face-to-face. Faculty in colleges, researchers, students or anybody from the public can be a Referral Partner if she/he is really interested with the activities of the organisation on the following conditions:

Working mode & Benefits

  1. Referral Partners are the promoters inviting the target group for each programme of the organisation. They have to give wide publicity about the programmes in the field and motivate others to join the programmes.
  2. If anybody likes to be a Referral Partner, an application shall be forwarded to A2Z EduLearningHub through the link given below.
  3. After completing the referral partner’s registration, the organization will provide a unique referral code.
  4. Organization will provide all the promotion materials like flyers, write-up for the publicity of the programme. Referal partner’s unique code will be included in the material. Aspirants can use this unique code at the time of registration and payment. This registration and payment come under the credit of the respective partner.
  5. The Referral Partners have no right at all to change the norms and conditions of any programme, stipulated by the organisation.
  6. The organisation is happy to give 10% to 20 % of the amount paid by the aspirant, as a reward called referral fee.
  7. Referral partners may also get entry to other programmes at a subsidized rate decided by the organization.
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