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We provide individualized or group teaching through on-line LIVE Classes, which can be utilized by the aspirants living in their own environment.

Book Call Back
Book Titile: "Empowering Financial Literacy: Navigating Education for Wealth"
Book Titile: "Empowering Financial Literacy: Navigating Education for Wealth"with ISBN which will be published in November 2023
We are pleased to announce a call for articles for our upcoming book titled "Empowering Financial Literacy: Navigating Education for Wealth". We are actively seeking original research, case studies, and innovative approaches that cover a wide range of topics related to financial literacy.

Who We Are

We on the stage and behind the curtain of this project are a couple of committed academics deployed in various colleges and institutes all over India. There are Assistant Professors, Associate Professors, Professors, HoDs and Principals who work in the capacities as Question Paper-setters, Examiners, Curriculum Experts and Textbook Writers, in the fold. We believe a good teacher is one who knows the subject-matter, does the best to understand the students, encourages good demeanour and cares for learning through positive comments and action.

What we provide


As the teaching experts in the classrooms, we are well versed with ‘what to teach’ and ‘How to teach’ in terms of the content of the lessons and learning experiences to be provided with each module. Almost same support is given for individualised or group teaching through on-line, which can be utilised by the aspirants living in their own environment. This is a meeting place to see and interact with the live tutor for solving problems and doing exercises, thus the teacher assistance is at your door-step at your convenient time.
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Best Faculties

Experienced faculties from different Universities, Colleges, Institutes and Industries in all over India who work in various capacities.

Online Live Classes

Through this platform, we provide Online- Live classes for the students, which can be utilized by living in their own environment.

Online- Live Lab Sessions

For every course, the learners are not mere listeners.We have planned appropriate experiential learning and exact support through the web

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