Call for Book Chapters-: Book Title “ Managing Technology & Innovation in Teaching and Learning"

We call for Chapters for the Book Titled: "Managing Technology & Innovation in Teaching and Learning’ ” has ISBN which will be published in June 2022.

Book Theme:  You may write your own experiences/ findings / success stories of using Technology and Innovation in the teaching and learning process.

Confirmation: If the entry seems qualitative by the Editor/s, you will get the confirmation about the selection of essay. Then only you need to make publication fee.

We request you to contribute a chapter to the Book which may shoot  up your authorship and highlight your profile to the readers across the continents.
Publication Fee

Articles with single author
Indian Article: ₹ 500/-
Foreign Article: $ 10/- 

Articles with two  authors

Indian Article: ₹ 800/-
Foreign Article: $ 17/- 

Submit your article to before 15th May  2022.
Author will get the following in return
1: Soft copy of the Book
2: Certificate of Appreciation as an Author & the copy of the Book will be made avaibale on Amazon
While sending articles please note the following suggestions:
a) The article is purely of investigative nature and sharply stated in 4-6 pages (A4size)- For a chapter maximum two  authors are permitted
b) You may add one or two most relevant photographs, with or without footnote. (If the photograph is taken from outside, show the source)
c) Check Grammar and Plagiarism (less than 15%) before submission. Lay-out the pages (portrait) with normal margin.
d) Article typing format: Font:Times New Roman , Size: (Headings 14 , Text 12), line space :1.15 ,
references:  wherever necessary.

Download Sample Chapter

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