Call for Book Chapters-: Book Title “ The Economics of Learning: Shaping Student Welfare and Society"

We call for Chapters for the Book Titled: "The Economics of Learning: Shaping Student Welfare and Society” has ISBN which will be published in July  2024.

Book Theme:  "We're delighted to inform you about our upcoming book project titled "The Economics of Learning: Shaping Student Welfare and Society." This volume promises to be an insightful exploration of the intricate relationship between education, economics, and societal welfare. In this book, we aim to delve deep into the multifaceted dynamics that underpin student success and societal progress. By examining how education impacts economics and shapes the welfare of individuals and communities, we hope to shed light on the pivotal role education plays in shaping our world. We invite you to be part of this exciting endeavor by contributing your expertise and insights to our book. Potential chapter topics include but are not limited to:

  1. Economic Perspectives on Education:
      • Economic theories of education investment
      • Cost-benefit analysis of educational interventions
      • Funding mechanisms for educational institutions
    1. Societal Impact of Education:

      • Education and social mobility
      • Education and income inequality
      • Education and social cohesion
    2. Student Welfare and Academic Performance:

      • Socioeconomic factors influencing student welfare
      • The role of student support services in academic success
      • Well-being initiatives and their impact on learning outcomes
    3. Policy Interventions for Educational Equity:

      • Government policies to address educational disparities
      • Equity-focused funding models for schools and universities
      • Affirmative action and its effects on access to education
    4. Innovations in Educational Economics:

      • Technology-driven approaches to reducing educational costs
      • Entrepreneurial models in education
      • Public-private partnerships in educational provision
    5. Global Perspectives on Education and Welfare:

      • Comparative studies of education systems and student outcomes
      • International aid and its impact on educational development
      • Challenges and opportunities for global educational equity
    6. Workforce Development and Economic Productivity:

      • The role of education in workforce preparedness
      • Skills gap analysis and its economic implications
      • Lifelong learning initiatives and their impact on economic productivity
    7. Educational Investments and Economic Returns:

      • Economic analysis of returns on educational investments
      • Human capital theory and its relevance to economic growth
      • Economic consequences of educational under investment
    8. Education Policy and Economic Development:

      • Education as a driver of economic development
      • The impact of education policy on economic growth
      • Education and innovation ecosystems
    9. Entrepreneurship and Economic Empowerment:

      • Entrepreneurial education and its economic outcomes
      • Education's role in fostering entrepreneurial ecosystems
      • Economic empowerment through education-based ventures
    10. Environmental Economics and Education:

      • Education's role in sustainable development
      • Economic implications of environmental education initiatives
      • Green jobs and the economic benefits of environmental literacy
    11. Education, Health, and Economic Well-being:

      • The economic impact of educational attainment on health outcomes
      • Education as a social determinant of health and economic well-being
      • Healthcare costs and the role of education in prevention
    12. Technology, Education, and Economic Transformation:

      • The economic implications of digital learning technologies
      • Technology-driven disruptions in education and their economic effects
      • E-learning platforms and their contribution to economic inclusivity

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Publication Month: July 2024
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Indian Article: ₹ 1000/-
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Author will get the following in return
1: Soft copy of the Book
2: Certificate of Appreciation as an Author & the copy of the Book will be made available on Amazon
While sending articles please note the following suggestions:
a) The article is purely of investigative nature and sharply stated in 4-6 pages (A4size)- For a chapter maximum two  authors are permitted
b) You may add one or two most relevant photographs, with or without footnote. (If the photograph is taken from outside, show the source)
c) Check Grammar and Plagiarism (less than 10%) before submission. Lay-out the pages (portrait) with normal margin.
d) Article typing format: Font:Times New Roman , Size: (Headings 14 , Text 12), line space :1.15 ,
references:  wherever necessary.

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