Following are some of the streams and courses we provide services. Besides the given  courses students can submit their specified  requirements by submitting registration form.

Sciene & IT

BCAB.Sc Computer ScienceB.Sc ITB.Sc MathematicsB.Sc StatisticsB.Sc Physics


Mechanical Engineering Computer Science and Engineering Electronics and Communication Engineering Civil EngineeringElectrical and Electronics Engineering

Commerce & Management

BBAB.Com - Computer ApplicationB.Com - Finance and TaxationB.Com - Co-operation

Life Sciences

B.Sc Biotechnology B.Sc MicrobiologyB.Sc BiochemistryB.Sc Botany


Flipped Classroom & Virtual Learning

"SELF-PACED LEARNING PLATFORM" Flipped classroom. ... In a flipped classroom, students watch online lectures, collaborate in online discussions, or carry out research at home while engaging in concepts in the classroom with the guidance of a mentor. It is an instructional strategy and a type of blended learning focused on student engagement and active learning, giving the instructor a better opportunity to deal with e-learning platforms. It’s a 180 degree shift in traditional education. With the flipped classroom, students have direct access to all the learning materials, and the instructor serves as a coach and mentor.
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Self-Paced Industry-Institute-Interaction (I-I-I)

"VIRTUAL INTERACTION WITH INDUSTRY EXPERTS"Our Service provides a platform for both the students as well as faculty members to be aware of industry expectations of skill sets required for students. This will enhance the Teaching Learning Process and enable the Institution to produce quality students. This is one of the best platform for showcasing the best practices, latest technological advancements, and their implementation and impact on the industry. These interactions help to tackle the doubts and concerns that students usually have about an industry. It gives them an in-depth knowledge about what they can expect and how they have to groom themselves to achieve successes.
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Online Tuition - Live Classes

"TEACHER ASSISTANCE @ YOUR DOOR-STEP" As the teaching experts in the classrooms, we are well versed with ‘what to teach’ and ‘How to teach’ in terms of the content of the lessons and learning experiences to be provided with each module. Almost same support is given for individualised teaching through on-line, which can be utilised by the students living in their own environment. This on-line tuition is a meeting place to see and interact with the live tutor for solving problems and doing exercises, thus the teacher assistance is at your door-step at your convenient time.
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Online Live-workshop

"EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING"An online workshop, as well as lectures and courses, is a great way for trained professionals to share their knowledge. Unlike training, an online workshop seeks to delve into a topic objectively and interactively. It is a great way for participants to carry out practical activities that will help them learn in a quick, approachable way. Typically, there are one or more professional experts in the field who talk about the subject matters they’ve mastered. This type of content usually lasts between 2 to 5 hours, as it focuses on student productivity and knowledge intake.
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Exam preparations

"TOOLS & INSTRUMENTS TO ATTACK YOUR QP" Through this platform, we believe that each individual learner could be equipped with ‘tools and instruments’ to attack all the tasks in the question paper of all lessons in the syllabus. Usually we proved this session just one week before starting of your exam. This platform doesn't cover entire syllabus of a particular subject. We focuses on how to crack the subject without failure. Courses: * All courses listed above
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Webinar / Panel Discussion

"SHARE VALUABLE IDEAS & KNOWLEDGE"The term webinar itself implies the “seminar run on the web” meaning, there’s so much more to it! By bringing guest speakers we designing webinar in the form of the panel discussion the audience is able to hear different perspectives and ideas regarding a specific topic and be stimulated to participate with questions and comments.Discussion Areas:# Current Trends in Science & Engineering # Research areas and applications in Science & Engineering
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